The Fourth General Meeting of 1818 Society Japan Chapter was held on Saturday, July 10, 2010 from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Tour Chinese Restaurant, Level B2, Shintakanawa Grand Prince Hotel, Shinagawa Tokyo. In all, 32 (Mr. Kudo, please put in correct number) members attended. Mr. Hiromasa KONDO acted as the MC. After calling the event to order, the new President designate, Mr. Masayoshi TAKAHASHI welcomed all present. The Guest of Honor, Mr. Kazushige TANIGUCHI, Special Representative, Tokyo Office, the World Bank, said that he welcomes the support of the 1818 Society Members to further the mission of the World Bank Group in Japan.


Mr. Shinji ASANUMA chaired the business meeting which included a) the introduction of new members and appointment of new officers; b) discussion of activities for the coming year, and c) report on the budget and accounts. This was followed by a keynote lecture by Mr. Kiyoshi KODERA, who had just returned to Japan after serving as the Executive Secretary of the Development Committee & Secretary. He gave an insightful review of recent DAC meetings as well as discussing the future role for the Bank and IMF in the world recovering from the recent financial crisis.


Mr. Kodera’s thorough review made all present both hungry and thirsty. During the Chinese banquet, Mr. Takahashi made a short remark as the new President, including acknowledging the work of the previous President, Mr. Yoshiaki ABE, who returned to Washington, DC. Mr. Kunio KIKUCHI, visiting from HQ led the toast. The new members introduced themselves and Mr. Kenji YAMAGUCHI, Honorary Vice Chairman adjourned the meeting and the reception.  
The Japan Chapter is notable for its large number of members who are active in business and academia, many at senior positions.  Those present enjoyed the comfortable venue, excellent refreshments and above all the congenial company of each other. Kudos go to the organizers, Messrs. H. HAMAGUCHI, H. KONDO and T. KUDO as well as Mr. A. SHIBUSAWA who made arrangements with Touri Restaurant.
The English-language version of the Japan Chapter’s Web Home page can now be found at For further information and/or details, the contacts in Japan are: Mr. H. Hamaguchi, Director, E-mail--; Mr. T. KUDO, Director, E-mail--; and Mr. Masayoshi TAKAHASHI, President, E-mail-- For the Washington DC area, contact Mr. Kunio D. Kikuchi, HQ Liaison, E-mail  .